Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A blog of my very own!

Yes its true I finally made my blog! I am so excited to TRY to keep up with it. Of course this should be a little easier now that we have Internet on the computer and not just my phone. So here is a quick update about our family:

Jeff: Jeff is currently working full time as a welder. He is also going to school for an AA in business and later he will go for a degree in Accounting. He is loving working in our big yard, which has LOTS of work for him. He is helping my dad put in a sprinkler system in my parents yard. (If you have driven past and wondered what on earth is going on now you know!)

Holly: I feel like I am doing every thing and nothing at the same time. Trying to hold things together while Jeff is in school gets a little crazy! I love almost very minute of it...I could live without so many screaming fits and all the hitting and biting. Over all live is good for me. I am trying to balance being a mom, wife, daughter and friend so bare with me if I seem a little crazy!

Alexander; Mr. Xander is 4 years old and my little sweetheart. He is so tender and loving. His little heart can be broken into a million pieces by the simplest things. He loves to snuggle mommy and play with his brothers.

Graysen: Graysen is my brute! At nearly 2 1/2 he is pretty small for his age but his huge personality(and attitude make up for it! He is thinking about potty training but not 100% sold on it yet. He has such a big vocabulary! I love to hear the funny things that come out of his mouth! His personality fits his red hair and green eyes.

Colton: Sweet baby Colton. My tender mercy! Thank heaven for a calm chill baby! He is so easy going and loves life. He is trying to learn to walk but in the mean time he is climbing! He has a smile that can melt your heart!

So for now thats us! I hope you enjoy whats to come!