Monday, June 14, 2010


Yesterday was Colton's first birthday party! I cannot believe my baby boy is one!!! He is getting so big! He will be walking any minute! He loved making a big mess of his birthday cake. I made him a boat cake. It was a cute red boat on top of a sheet cake frosted blue to look like water. He couldn't stop sticking his fingers in it. It was a wonderful birthday party with Grandma Erin Grandpa James Evan Sara Krystal Kenny and of course Jeff Alex Graysen and me. On Coltons actual birthday he was a little fussy because he was getting his 4th tooth. I was gone most of the day ay my brothers graduation from collage(YAY! GO ANDREW!) It was pretty warm that day so Jeff had the boys out side to play so that was fun for all of them. We really didn't do any thing special on his birthday, although he did come with me to the store to pick out his birthday present. I showed him a few different toys and the one that he growled at me for trying to take was the winner! We are doing his birthday for Jeff's side of the family this weekend. I am very excited to have one of my sweet nieces with us that weekend. So on to make another cake.