Monday, February 21, 2011

I need to change the name of my blog!

A few weeks ago my Dr. did a quick ultrasound in her office and told me she thought the baby was a girl. She couldn't tell for sure though. So this left me wondering for 2 week if I was really getting my little girl. It was hard not to buy cute little girl things, especially since my friend had a baby girl the day after my quick ultrasound. I did buy a FEW little things but really not a lot. The night before my ultrasound I couldn't sleep and when I could I was having crazy dreams. I Got up and ready for my big morning! I left early to go get my friend Nicole who went with me since Jeff couldn't. I went and go my peppermint hot coco from Starbucks to make sure my bladder was topped off. (they told me not to go to the bathroom after 8:30, and at 8:31 I had to pee so bad there was no holding it so I needed a top off!) We go there and waited for what seemed like forever! My stomach was in knots and I was nervous. I hadn't felt the baby all morning which made me more nervous. My cute little ultrasound tech came out and got me and started my ultrasound. For how tiny she was she managed to hurt me a lot through out my ultrasound! My baby was hanging out right under the scar from my c-sections so she had to do a lot of pushing and twisting and pulling on my scar with the little probe thing. As most of my kids have done this baby was hard to ultrasound. As soon as I laid down baby started rolling and kicking and pushing. It was a little sigh of relief for me since I really hadn't felt the baby at all that morning. So first things first she checked out baby's heart rate which was 146. That has been right where the baby seems to be most of the time. Then for all the technical stuff like how big is baby's head and what does the heart look like and blah blah blah. Every thing looked good, baby is measuring one week behind on size but that's not really a big deal. So then for the fun stuff! I watch very intently when they are looking at feet and legs. That's normally when I can get a good view of who my baby is. I saw....nothing. I couldn't even really tell where I needed to be looking. I am normally pretty good at spotting this stuff. The tech kept looking at all the things she needed to and after a while she said "Well....I looked and I cant tell for sure girl or boy." I asked her if she had to guess what she thought and she said "Girl" I was not really thrilled with the maybe kind of sort of answer. I asked her if when she was all done looking at every thing she needed to if she could go look again to see if baby had moved into a better spot. She said she would and had me turn from side to side to shake baby up. She still needed to see baby's lips and nose to be sure they looked ok. She did get a good view and then looked at a few more things. The moment of true came on our second look. One of the most clear as day ultrasound view of a little baby girl I have ever seen! And yes I know I only have boys but I have done my research. I googled ultrasound so I could get an idea of what we were looking for with a girl. I know I'm crazy but what else was I going to do over the 2 weeks I had to wait!? My tech said "100% a girl!" I cried just a little bit...and left happy as a clam to tell the world(Jeff first of course) that I was having a girl! I forgot to ask for ultrasound pictures so I will ask my dr for some at my next appointment in 2 weeks. Our little girls name will be Leena Noël Peck. And YES the dots are that important! ALT0235 will make them show up on the computer. :) So now my dilemma is what to change my blog name to?!?!? Im open to your ideas so let me know!