Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Alexande 4, Graysen 3, Colton 19 months

My poor neglected blog!

It has been ages since I posted to my blog! I Figured an update on everyone was very past due.

Me: As of today I am 16 weeks pregnant with baby number 4. I am due July 6, 2011. We still have a few weeks until our ultrasound to try and find out baby's gender. With our history I am planning on a boy of course! Jeff and Xander, however are both sure that the baby is a girl. We have our names picked out and cant wait to know who is coming so we can start calling the baby by his/her name. I really trying to be healthy with this baby so Jeff got me a gym membership for Christmas. I'm not making it as much as I was hoping to due to sick kids and Jeff's work and school schedule. I am going to keep working on it though! Over all I am feeling pretty good with the baby! YAY!

Jeff: School has started up for Jeff again. He is taking a full load at school and working full time. We don't see him much during the week but we know all this time apart will be worth it when he is done with school! He is very excited about one of his classes this quarter, he is doing weight training and loving it! He just applied for a new job back at Kenworth where he used to work. Is he hoping for a different shift then he is working so he doesn't feel so crammed with school.

Alexander: We are just weeks away from Xander's 5th birthday! I cant believe how fast this time has gone! Just in the last few weeks he has changed so much. He is learning to write his letters willingly. Its always been a battle with him so I gave up for a while until he was ready for it. His drawing has even changed. He has gone from scribbles to drawing stick people, cars, animals and dragons almost over night. Suddenly he just seems so old! He loves going to his church class and telling everyone that he is in "CTR 4". He loves his new teacher and the friends he is making there. He is just my little man!

Graysen: We are in that fun stage with Gray that my mom calls bi polar baby. One second life is good and happy the next its all tears and screaming, three seconds later he is laughing again. He loves his brothers in a big way! He loves to give them hugs and kisses and snuggle on the couch. He is my independent soul! He gets himself dressed and ready to go. He loves the get his Buzz Lightyear "pack pack" all loaded up with this to take with us when we leave. Its so cute to see his little tiny self with a boy sized back pack on. It makes me laugh every time! He is a natural in primary! His first week went off without a hitch. We dropped him off and that was it, he was hooked! He loves his Sunbeams class! I think he really loves the structure of primary and getting to be a big boy now.

Colton: This little guy is getting big so fast! I feel like every time I look at him he is getting bigger! A few weeks ago my friend was over and we both realized that there was a drastic change in his face from over night. Suddenly he looked like a boy and not a baby! (good thing we are having a baby soon!) He is learning to talk and sign a little bit. He loves to play with his brothers and be a big boy just like them. He thinks he can do all the things that they can do, and for the most part he can! He is getting interested in potty training so we will see where that goes over the next few months. He is still the easiest baby Ive had by far! He eats EVERY THING! I don't think we've found a food yet that he doesn't like or wont eat. He still goes down for naps and bed time pretty easy. As long as he has his teddy bear that Santa brought him and the stuffed monkey toy out of the toy box he is happy as can be for bed time. He takes turns being a momma's boy and a daddy's boy. It nice for both of us to get that time when he just wants to snuggle and be held only by you. The only time I don't like it is if he wakes up at night he doesn't want Jeff at all! Only mommy!!! I only mind a little bit. Its just hard to get out off bed once I have finally drifted off! He makes up for it with big hugs and kisses.

So that is our family at the start of 2011! We are doing wonderful! Things are going so good for us right now and we are loving it! I cant wait to update you all and tell you the gender of our baby!