Tuesday, June 7, 2011

24 days!!!

I have 24 days left until my c-section! Im so excited! At this point I dont really have any anxiety about my c-section or bring home baby number 4. It has been so fun getting things ready for a little girl. I am not doing any thing to her room until later. Its just too much work right now and since she will be in my room for the first few months it doesnt really matter if her room stays blue and green. The boys are very excited to have a little sister coming. They ask me all the time if baby Leena is going to pop out of my tummy yet. I baby sat a friends 2 week old baby for a few hours this weekend and the boys were in heaven! They loved watching him sleep and make funny noises. Colton kept trying to take the baby from and said "Have it!" I think he will do just fine with a new baby around our house very soon. I am very excited for Jeff to have a week off of work to spend with me and the littles. Also my sister, Noël, is going to be here for 2 weeks which will be so nice! My mom is going to take some time off work to spend with all of us. When I had Colton she wasnt able to spend a lot of time with us and it was hard on her and me. This will be so nice to have my mommy. Living around the corner from my mom will make life soooo much easier! No car rides from Auburn to see my kids, who last time stayed at Grandmas house. Everyone will be able to sleep in their own beds and be comfortable. I feel like this is going to be the best bringing home baby that we have had. I just hope we can keep all the crazy things that normally happen when we bring home baby to a minimum this time. No ants infesting my apartment, no moving, not collapsed lungs, no broken cars, and no fender benders! I would LOVE it if things could go smoothly this time. Every time we bring home a baby things have gone a little better so I am hoping for perfect this time! I cant wait to post pictures of little Miss Leena Noël when she gets here!!!!

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