Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Xander VS. Graysen and sinning...

Today in the car the boys and I were talking about baptism. Xander is giving a talk on Sunday about it and I thought it was a good opportunity to see what he knew about it so we could work on his talk together. I asked him if he knew what baptism was. He told me about how to hold on to Daddy's arm, plug your nose and say a prayer. I asked him if we knew why we should get baptised and he said because Jesus told us to. I ask him if he knew why Jesus told us to. He said because Heavenly Father told us to. So I told him that it was to wash away our sins. I ask if he knew what sins were. He said no. I told him that they are things that we do wrong and know they are wrong. He said to me "Well, I don't have any sins." Graysen piped in and said "I do! I like to sin!!!" Thanks for the heads up Graysen!!!! I ended the conversation with "We all sin but we can repent and that is part of getting baptised!" *sigh* I hope it sinks in before the teenage years!!!


  1. It amazing how fast they grow up. I'm so excited for you and you new little one to get here. Girls are fun!