Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The count down!

As of right now I have to be at the hospital in 2 days, 20 hours and 11 minutes! (thank you ipod count down) My bag is pretty much pack except for a few last minute things. The plan for the Littles in set. They are going to Grandma Erin's house Thursday night. When they get up in the morning they will eat and head over to my friends house to spend the day. My mom will head to the hospital in time to be there for Leena to be born! I am very excited but it still hasnt really sunk in yet. I think when I am sitting outside the OR waiting to go in is when it will hit me. I know all of you think Im crazy but Im still a little worried that this baby will be a boy!!! I have had 4 ultra sounds confirming that she is in fact a SHE but it still worries me!!! I talked to the boys in the car on the way to church Sunday about Leena coming this week. They are soooo excited! Graysen told me that he misses his baby sister. :) In ture Peck family form we have had a few things happen just in time for baby that we could have lived without. Jeff has been having some medical stuff going on that we are trying to figure out. That has been stressful and a long process that is still under way. Colton has been pretty grumpy this last week, I just assumed it was from a list of things: Teething, allergies, terrible two's and/or mommy having a baby in a minute. This morning he woke up with bright green boogies. We are pretty sure he has a sinus infection so the Dr just called in some antibiotics for him. I hope it clears up quickly and he feels better soon! He is just feeling awful! So for now life is as normal as it can be. Its a little hard to believe that in just a few days(hours and minutes) We will have a new sweet member of our family!

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